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Over the past three years, our community has joined together on a massive scale to raise awareness and help improve opportunities and outcomes for people with Down syndrome. We are now presented with a further opportunity to address inequality through an amendment to the Criminal Justice Bill.

Sir Liam Fox MP has tabled an amendment to the Government’s Criminal Justice Bill intended to specifically exclude a diagnosis of ‘Down syndrome’ as a reason for late abortion.

Under the existing framework, established by the 1967 Abortion Act and subsequent amendments, a foetus diagnosed with Down syndrome can be aborted up to 40 weeks gestation (full-term), whilst typically developing foetuses are protected by law after 24 weeks.

This amendment attempts to stop outdated and discriminatory practices in maternity care associated with Down syndrome, and if successful would mean that pregnant women will no longer be offered abortions after 24 weeks purely on the basis that the baby has Down syndrome.

It is only right we equalise the abortion time limits, another step along the way to ensuring full equality for those with Down syndrome.

Please write to your MP, using our link, and standard letter which asks that they support the amendment by voting in favour of NC34. It’s really easy and just takes a minute. Please share with family and friends to encourage support. We anticipate that voting could be as soon as mid-April onwards.

Please also support our social media campaign running form Thursday 11th April – Monday 15th April and use our tags when posting on social media: #TimeToMoveOn #EqualityAt24 #NC34 @NDSPolicyGroup @LiamFox

More information will follow.

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