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The Down syndrome community has a once in a lifetime opportunity to support the establishment of a Down Syndrome Act in Parliament. The Act will make the UK a better place to grow up and live with Down syndrome, bringing equality to a group of people who are too often side-lined and marginalised. We need you to help us celebrate Down syndrome by signing this petition please.

The news that baby has Down syndrome is often accompanied by negative language and attitudes both during pregnancy and at birth. As a result parents often feel shocked but then go on to discover that people with Down syndrome love their lives and with the right support can live them to the max – so far removed from the doom and gloom of a medical diagnosis.

“I am eternally grateful for finding ‘Positive About Down syndrome’ during a time that I was frantically searching for hope and reassurance” – Jenna, new mum

Photo of child in uniform

“We are certainly all the richer for having travelled together on this amazing journey of life and learning” – John, Head Teacher, Mainstream Secondary School

George, Trustee of the Down Syndrome Policy Group

“We would like the Down Syndrome Act to make specific policy in relation to Down syndrome in the areas of maternity care, education, health, employment and community.” – George, Founding Officer of the National Down Syndrome Policy Group

I love my work. Being employed is something most of you take for granted. People with Down syndrome across the UK are ready to go to work. Yet only 6% are employed.” – Fionn, Founding Officer of the National Down Syndrome Policy Group

Children often grow up without access to the vital support they need in order to promote their physical development and learning, as well as access to healthcare to enable them to fulfil their potential and take a meaningful place in society as adults; living with people the same age, having a job and enjoying a social life and living as long as their non-disabled peers.

A Down Syndrome Bill could change all this – please support us to get the Bill passed by signing this petition – it will make a massive difference to our community, ensuring that each life lived with Down syndrome has the opportunity to be full and rewarding.

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Please go one step further and ask your MP to actively support Liam Fox’s Down Syndrome Bill using this link, please add some words about how the Bill would improve your life;

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